China supplier Elbow Silicone rubber tubes for cars

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Performs excellent under low and high temperature from -40°C to 200 °C.
  • UV, Ozone, gases and moisture resistant.
  • Stable chemical properties.
  • No smell, odorless, tasteless
  • The raw material is 100% food grade silicone rubber.

Product Details

We have many sizes of the Elbow Silicone rubber tubes for cars. We usually manufacture the Elbow Silicone rubber tubes for cars according to the customer’s special requirements.


 Rubber hose must not be exposed to solvents, fuels, oils, lipids, unstable chemicals, acids, disinfectants, or general organic liquids. Moreover, any type of rubber will be damaged after contacting with some materials or mixtures, including manganese, iron, copper and its alloys. Rubber pipes should avoid contact with PVC (PVC) or wood or cloth impregnated with mixed oil.

Product Details:

Materials: Silicone rubber, NBR, FKM, Natural rubber  

Other names:  Silicone rubber pipe, Silicone rubber hose, Straight Silicone hose, Silicone tubes, Silicone rubber tubes, Silicone rubber turbo hose

Operating temperature: -40 – 200 °C

Color: Black, Blue, Red or customized

Hardness: Shore A 30-75

Application: Elbow Silicone rubber tubes for cars are used in cars, heavy trucks, racing cars, Tuning cars and etc.

Package and delivery:

Package                                               50 pcs or 100 pcs per carton

Delivery time                                       Around 3-4 weeks after the orders

Payment terms                                    T/T is preferable, D/P and L/C is also ok

Trade terms                                         FOB,CFR,CNF,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU

MOQ                                                    50 pcs


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